Our work

Habitat restoration

We protect and rehabilitate areas that have been destructed to ensure that the ecosystems remain balanced. The importance of these ecosystems and the role they play, has led to COBEC design and implement this programme with activities including beach cleaning and mangrove planting.

Sea Turtles Conservation

We encourage on-the-ground conservation actions and efforts that have the largest impact in preventing extinctions. Main focus is on protection of nesting beaches and restoration of the health of near-shore breeding and foraging environments.

livelihood enhancement

The increasing destruction of these natural resources ultimately impacts negatively on the lives of the coastal communities, resulting in a cycle of poverty and environmental abuse. We helped initiate income generating activities to the community such as beekeeping and ecotourism development.

Conservation Education And Awareness

Raising public awareness and inspiring action across the world, while working directly with coastal communities to enhance understandingĀ and supportĀ behavioral change.

Research and monitoring

The programme focuses on understanding the impact that pressures have on the state of the marine environment, assessing whether the impact is of significance, and evaluating alternative management strategies.

Strategic Community Engagement

Communities often do not have the capacity to establish and develop initiatives on their own. By working together, people are able to achieve more than individuals or organizations working on their own, and involving those affected is likely to result in a better and more acceptable long-term solution.

Help us build a future where people live in harmony with nature

Habitat restoration

Mangrove planting

Deforestation has a huge impact on the life on the coast, resulting in reduced biodiversity, supply of forest products and wildlife habitat. By planting mangroves, we are contributing to the terrestrial ecosystem restoration, while helping to combat land degradation and biodiversity loss.